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Bell pepper volume starting to increase again

Bell pepper volume starting to increase again


The supply of bell peppers to the US is limited right now but that is changing. “The first harvest from West Mexico was delayed by rains but is beginning to show now and will increase over the next four to six weeks,” says Doug Johnson, senior vice president, sales for PennRose Farms, LLC. “The supply is lower than last year at present. We are expecting increased supply from current levels, however, we expect overall volume from Mexico to be at or below prior year levels due to the weaker U.S. dollar against the Mexico Peso.”

Bell peppers and other dry vegetable commodities from West Mexico have been delayed due to the rains brought on by Hurricane Norma last month. Currently, production is coming from Sonora and new production will begin soon from Culiacan. Volume from there is expected to pick up by mid-December and will continue out of there until April of next year.

In addition to Central Mexico, Georgia and Florida also have bell pepper production.

Holiday demand
As for demand, it’s been strong because of holiday promotions. “We expect that retail and foodservice business will remain active in anticipation of the next holiday pull, with more consistent supplies as we pull volume from other areas,” says Johnson.

Moving volume this week is of course a priority due to U.S. Thanksgiving but also a challenge. “Some of the typical challenges the industry faces around this time of year have to do with labor and transportation,” says Johnson. “Both are in high demand, but the great news is that availability is currently meeting demand as people look to be home with their families. There are also many terminal markets that close this week for a few days to celebrate the holiday.”

All of this has left pepper pricing strong in West Mexico in anticipation of the holidays and due to tight supplies. “Post holidays, we anticipate production from the West Mexico area to increase, with more stable markets,” says Johnson.

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