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Mexico Beach Mayor Michele Miller being recalled by residents

Mexico Beach Mayor Michele Miller being recalled by residents


MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Residents are recalling Mexico Beach Mayor Michele Miller. In the petition, committee members claim Mayor Miller violated the Sunshine Law and exceeded her authority as mayor.

Committee Treasurer Mitch Coleman said the idea to recall Miller started after she sued the city council.

“She said it was not going to cost the city or the taxpayers a dime, not $0.01, that was her quote, within a week after that announcement, the city’s insurance said, we’re not going to pay for a lawsuit, we can’t do that,” Coleman said. “So right then, we knew it was on the taxpayers and she has refused to back away.”

Monday night about 100 residents stopped by Sunset Park to sign the petition. One resident said she is tired of the way Miller has treated city employees.

“All I know is she keeps attacking our city employees, and I’m not going to stand for it anymore, I’m just I’m over it,” Mexico Beach resident Diane Kenney said. “I think every time she does that in the next meeting we’re all just going to stand up and tell her to cease and desist, just like she told our council members.”

A former city council member said he signed the petition because he is against Miller’s form of leadership.

“It hasn’t been good, it’s destroying our city it’s tearing it down, we are a bunch of good people and we’re just trying to get it back now,” Bobby Pollock said.

The committee has hired an attorney to assist them during the recall process. Some community members are donating money to help cover the legal fees.

“It’s quite comprehensive, it requires meeting certain deadlines and making sure you do things correctly because there will be an audit of everything that we do so it’s important if we want to be successful in this is to get an attorney’s advice,” Coleman said.

To move on to the next step, they need at least 10 percent of registered Mexico Beach voters to sign the petition. On Monday, Miller declined to comment about the recall.


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