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Mexico’s new government-backed airline still grounded

Mexico’s new government-backed airline still grounded


SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised his country’s new airline, Mexicana, would begin operating by Dec. 1, but the date has officially been pushed back till late December.

López Obrador said the delay won’t have a big impact, “since Mexicans don’t travel during the holidays and wait until after Christmas.”

The president insisted there are no problems with the start-up airline, which will be operated by the Mexican military with government subsidies.

In August, AMLO announced his administration had purchased the naming rights to “Mexicana,” an airline that went bankrupt in 2010.

It paid about $50 million for the brand.

Back then, he promised the airline would sell tickets for 20 percent less than what others charge while serving 20 cities in Mexico.

The flights were supposed to start on Dec. 1.

“Mexicana will begin flying soon very soon,” López Obrador said. “We’ll be flying in December.”

The president also expressed pride in the new airline during his daily news conference on Monday morning.

“I’m very happy with the brand, this new airline is going to shine, we’re talking about Mexicana de Aviación, it’s an emblematic symbol.”

A message in Spanish on the airline’s website informs passengers what to do about pending reservations and cancellations. (Mexicana Website)

According to El Financiero, a business publication in Mexico, Mexicana has already been plagued with problems as it will only serve nine cities instead of the 20 the president had announced.

It also reported that the new airline has had difficulties finding planes and personnel to begin flying.

In October, the airline stopped taking reservations.

An announcement on Mexicana’s website tells passengers with reservations to wait until Nov. 25 for emails that will provide further information about their flights and refunds.


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