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Sound Familiar? Mexico Bussing Migrants Out of Cities | NewsRadio 740 KTRH

The border crisis has not only spread to major cities across the U.S. like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., it is now being felt in Mexico’s largest city. And they’re taking a page out of Texas’ playbook in dealing with it. Breitbart reports Mexican police are quietly bussing migrants out of Mexico City and dropping them off near the Mexico southern border. Not unlike many American cities, Mexico City has seen a massive influx of migrants from Central American and Caribbean nations, overwhelming shelters and leaving thousands sleeping on the streets. “It just shows that these so-called sanctuary cities—and I’ll throw Mexico City in with that group—when they actually start having to deal with the problem, they change their tune,” says Bob Price with Breitbart Texas.

The Breitbart report says these migrant raids in Mexico City are happening at night, so as “to avoid drawing attention.” Price tells KTRH Mexico has good reason to try and keep this quiet. “It was just months ago that the president of Mexico was saying (Texas Gov.) Greg Abbott was a racist for bussing migrants to New York City,” he says. “And now, here (Mexico) is, taking migrants out of Mexico City and bussing them back to their southern border.”

Unlike Texas’ migrant bus trips, which are voluntary and often take migrants to the city of their choosing, the Mexican trips are done by force. “They are shipped to the Mexican southern border, sometimes even without their belongings, and they are literally dumped on the streets,” says Price. “They are not transported to a receiving shelter, or anything like that.”

The border crisis was the elephant in the room when President Joe Biden met with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador in San Francisco last week, with recent polls showing Americans think border security is a shared responsibility. But other than Biden giving platitudes about “cooperation” in dealing with “historic levels of migration,” the border issue was not directly addressed. Price does report seeing more Mexican officers recently on their side of the U.S. border. “So there is a little bit of cooperation taking place on the sides of the border, but bottom line is it’s still wide open,” he says. “We’re still going to have 55-60 thousand people cross in the Tucson sector, and 30 thousand or so in the Del Rio sector this month…and November is supposed to be a slow month.”

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