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The World of Rum 2024

The World of Rum 2024


The Rum Ecosystem meets for the first time in Paris in 2024

NEW DELHI, India, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World of Rum will host its inaugural edition from February 13 to 15, 2024, at the prestigious Palais Brongniart in Paris. This unprecedented event will gather creative and innovative minds from around the world to explore the diverse economic, industrial, political, heritage, educational, and training aspects that propel the booming rum ecosystem.

For the first time in France, players from the global rum ecosystem will meet for three days to discuss the major challenges and opportunities that shape the future of the sector. Buyers and public institutions from more than 20 producing countries, as well as players from the entire rum value chain, will be expected in Paris. The World of Rum 2024 is a dynamic forum for announcing new initiatives in the Rum Ecosystem and sharing experiences and innovative ideas. This first edition will have no less than 50 exhibitors and 22 countries representations. As a partner of the event, Business France will be supporting a group of 20 companies in its Overseas pavilion. The opportunity to discover exceptional artisanal rums, with more than 25 brands: agricultural rums, arranged rums, amber rums, white rums, old rums and many more.

A pioneering event: rum beyond tasting

Unlike traditional events focused on tasting, the World of Rum stands out for showcasing the entire Rum Ecosystem: producers, distributors, manufacturers, harvesters, international buyers, influencers, manufacturers of bottles, casks, yeast, etc. A unique opportunity to discover young French distillers, new 100% ecological packaging solutions, the prowess of artificial intelligence in serving the Rum Ecosystem and the virtues of sugar cane for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.

For Patrick LOGER, event organiser: “Given the worldwide craze for rum, this first international edition in Paris is an opportunity for all the players in the Ecosystem, from all horizons, to explain and understand the strong international growth of the market for this spirit.” 

France and rum: an artisanal revolution underway

At the heart of this taste revolution, France is a pioneer for the rum industry. The creation of new distilleries right in the heart of the metropolis is testimony to this rise, propelling the country to the forefront of the international scene. Young French entrepreneurs are starting to create spirits and embody a revival in French-style artisanal excellence. From Saint Pierre to Miquelon, via Brest, rum has the wind in its sails and is asserting itself as the only spirit to record growing demand for the 26-49 age group. A trend that highlights the flourishing innovation that characterises the French rum landscape.

An exploration of trends and mixology

The World of Rum acts as a catalyst for emerging trends in the world of spirits. International speakers and professionals will share their success stories in the Wines and Spirits industry. With in particular Japan and its high-quality whiskeys, Mexico and its tequila and of course France with its champagne. The new French rum players will join the discussion to highlight their innovative production practices and their relationship to sugar cane cultivation. Internationally renowned bartenders will decipher the exciting evolution of mixology, which contributes to the development of rum, particularly in Asian countries.

A commitment for the future

With a conference programme enriched around four thematic areas: Public Affairs, Business, Innovation and Education. More than 35 leading speakers will share their knowledge and initiate discussions on important topics in the Rum Ecosystem. During these three days, the World of Rum will celebrate talent and know-how, encourage international partnerships and instil a spirit of innovation in the Ecosystem. A true crossroads of ideas, exchanges and debates, the World of Rum will explore the cultural and societal dimensions of rum with the aim of:

  • Presenting public policies to support the Rum Ecosystem on a global scale.
  • Promoting international collaborations between producers, distributors and buyers.
  • Promoting a sustainable and responsible industrial model for the entire sector.
  • Highlighting innovations and start-ups in the rum industry.
  • Guiding young people towards rewarding educational and professional pathways, particularly in universities and the grandes écoles.
  • Identifying employment opportunities in the rum sector globally

For more information about the event, you can now visit the website:


IMEG SAS (International Media Event Group) is promoting the World of Rum 2024 as a major event of excellence. IMEG is a company specialising in event management, providing insight into the economic development opportunities available to regions. With the World of Rum, the company intends to increase commercial and economic opportunities for companies as well as public players.

Business France is the national agency supporting the internationalisation of the French economy. It is responsible for the international development of companies and their exports, as well as for prospecting and hosting international investments in France. It promotes the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its regions. It manages and develops the V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise) scheme. 

Business France has 1,500 employees located in France and in 55 countries. It relies on a network of partners. Since January 2019, as part of the reform of the public export support system, Business France has granted support to French SMEs and mid-caps to private partners in the following markets: Hungary, Morocco, Norway, the Philippines and Singapore. 

For more information: www.businessfrance.fr @businessfrance #BusinessFrance 


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