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Two sides of a gun | Local News

Two sides of a gun | Local News


On a warm Saturday in October 2020, Chris Hulliger glimpsed something shiny under his wife’s broken-down Honda Pilot. He bent down in his Albuquerque driveway and came up with a handgun — a 9mm Glock. His wife, Vanessa, had no doubt to whom it belonged: her oldest son, 17-year-old Noah Duran.

There had been many months of troubling behavior. Noah’s grades at La Cueva High School had slipped dramatically. He’d lost his starting position on the high school football team. And when he went out with his new friends, he often didn’t return until the early hours of the morning. Vanessa suspected he was buying drugs. This was the last straw. Maybe, she told herself, a serious run-in with the law would set him straight.

She immediately called Albuquerque police. When the two officers arrived, they handcuffed the boy and seized the gun. Noah remained calm and refused to say anything, according to the police report.

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