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Washington Woman, 66, Jets to Mexico for Cosmetic Surgery, Wakes Up With Breast Implants

A Washington State woman says she woke up with unwanted breast implants after traveling to Mexico for a different cosmetic procedure — and was then forced to to pay thousands of dollars extra before being allowed to leave the Tijuana medical facility. 

“The care was horrible, and I’ve been disfigured, and now I’m going to have to go under more surgery,” Kimberly McCormick, 66, told Fox 13 Seattle.

McCormick said she returned in early October to the same facility in Tijuana where she had successful weight-loss surgery about six years ago. This time she had planned to receive a breast lift and to have loose skin removed on her arms, thighs and stomach after the weight loss. 

She woke up after the surgery and immediately realized something was wrong.

“When I woke up my chest was really sore, and I just started bawling,” she told the station. 

She confronted a medical coordinator about the unwanted implants, but the person suggested that she had asked the doctor to perform the procedure. 

“She said, ‘You told him you wanted a full C,’ and I said, ‘No, I would never say that, not ever,’” McCormick said. 

Along with the implants, McCormick said she also got an unwanted “Brazilian Butt Lift.”

Kimberly McCormick of Washington State said she was given unwanted breast implants after traveling to Mexico for cosmetic surgery.
Kimberly McCormick of Washington State said she was given unwanted breast implants after traveling to Mexico for cosmetic surgery.Fox 13 Seattle

Adding insult to injury, the surgeon didn’t remove the loose skin as she had wanted. 

McCormick, who said she agreed to talk to the station to warn others of the dangers of medical tourism, also said her room was “filthy” and that she developed an infection. 

“I said, ‘What happened to my mother?'” her daughter, Misty Ann McCormick, told Fox 13.

After demanding answers in the facility’s hallway, she said armed security came and physically removed her. 

“Inside I’m thinking, my mom’s up there, and I can’t leave her,” Misty Ann McCormick said. “I get to the door, and he pushes me hard, and there is this cement ramp and I just go flying.” 

Her mom said she feared for their lives.

“I was just afraid I was going to die right there, and she wouldn’t have known,” McCormick said.

To compound their nightmare, the mother and daughter said staff at the facility demanded they pay $2,500 over the agreed upon price because the two stayed longer than intended. 

“She said, ‘Well, you don’t have to pay, but we can put you in prison,'” McCormick said, adding that she thought: “I can’t go to prison with 500 stitches.”

“I don’t know what they charged me for, but it was $2,500 dollars. They actually took my card from me, the big goon guy, and gave it to somebody else and said run it, $2,500, and then they threw it back on my bed,” she recalled.

“They looked at the coordinator and said, ‘Get her out of here.’ It was that quick,” she said.

Before she was allowed to leave, McCormick said she was forced to sign paperwork that suggested she approved the unwanted surgeries. 

She said staffers then followed her and her daughter to the nearby hotel where they had stayed, demanded they pack up and drove them across the border to San Diego. 

McCormick said she went to an emergency room and received treatment for her infection. 

“I think I’m lucky that I’m here. I’m lucky the damage isn’t any worse,” she said. “However, I’m looking at another surgery because the implants they put in are so big. I don’t have enough skin to enclose them. They are not healing.”

McCormick’s daughter has advice for people who think they can save some money by traveling to Mexico for cosmetic surgery: “Please don’t go.”

“The few thousand dollars you are going to save is not worth it,” she said.

“I don’t care how enticing they make the offer, don’t do it,” the mom added.  “Because, the end result is not going to be something you are happy with.”

Misty Ann McCormick said she has reached out to the FBI. 

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